To a beginner, getting into the gym can be pretty daunting. On top of having no idea what you’re doing, it’s common to feel like everyone is watching you. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, everyone is in the gym to accomplish their fitness goals, and I can almost promise you that nowone cares what you’re doing or how much weight you’re lifting as long as you’re maintaining proper gym etiquette.

Lifting Plans

When getting into the gym, it’s important to understand the different types of schedules one can follow. There are hundreds of different training schedules, but perhaps the most popular and versatile is the 3 day PPL cycle. PPL stands for push, pull, legs, with each word representing the general idea of the motions one would go through on that day. A push day would include exercises for your chest, triceps, and shoulders, while your pull day would focus on your back on biceps. A leg day would focus on everything under your waist, from your calves to your glutes. 



Although I wish I could outline the dos and don’t of every lift in the gym, it would not only be extremely long but also very impractical. This is because the best way to learn in the gym is to record yourself actually lifting, and watch it back. This process can feel a little weird, because you’re recording yourself in public, but any half experienced gym member will understand what you’re doing and will respect your commitment to improvement. The best way to learn proper form for any lift is to look up a tutorial on youtube. There are thousands of videos on how to _____, which more informative content than I could ever teach on this website. As long as the creator looks reputable, follow their advice and don’t be afraid to watch the videos during the gym or while you’re completing the exercise.